Go west, young man

I miss California. If I start out one more sentence with "In California...", though, my husband will beat me. I miss being anonymous. I miss the ocean-more the idea of the ocean, and the atmosphere it creates, rather than the actual ocean. I miss bars and shopping and everything being nearby, like Vegas...but today i'm not going to get started on Vegas.

Missouri has some good things about it. When I go to the grocery store in my sweats, no one even notices. When I get up on Sunday to get the newspaper, I can send my kid into the gas station to get one, and he will not be molested/abducted/robbed of his $1.50 on the way in...And, I can park really, really close. When I'm late for work, and I see both of the town's cops in the parking lot at the station, I know I can do 50 in the 35. I can leave my keys in the car overnight, let the cat stay out on the porch, and leave the kids' toys in the front yard. No one will touch them. I have almost a whole acre of a yard, my house has over 5 square feet of space, and I didn't have to pay $350k for it.

California's still better.


Money! Career! Uh..no.

well..done for this semester. i am not going to do shit with an agriculture degree. i need to figure out something else. something that makes some money. remind me again why i didn't marry rich? oh, cause i felt dirty when i went out with someone over 50?

yeah, that was it.


It's 11pm

Well, I'm tired..but just a little. I don't want to sit there and think about sleeping, so I thought I'd attempt to post a picture(which I did successfully!), and then write. Oooohh, I have a complaint. We live on a dead end road..there are 3 houses on our road, ours being the last. When you turn off the main road, there is a big sign--says DEAD END. Then, right after the second to last house, there's another sign-PRIVATE DRIVE. Now why the fuck do people insist on driving all the way until they can't possibly go any further? Where is the sense in making a 27 point turn in the tiny driveway to get your big ass SUV off of my property? Huh? I want to shoot these people with my little air gun. Because that's what hicks like me do here in Missouri! Well, being that I'm not a native hick, I just think about it. I'm not sure it's a really great idea. Probably better to park in the driveway so that they're forced to back up:) Heheheh, I hate people sometimes. And I do not drive down dead end roads for no reason. Maybe I could throw a rock at their trunk....just a small one.


pro-life idiots

I hate these people. Their only concern seems to be with "the unborn child", the "precious life" growing inside someone. What about the "precious life" of the unmarried, 15 year old high school girl?? Well, they don't give a rat's ass about her, that's what. All they seem to see is that they're "saving" another baby. Saving them from what? A life of possible abuse, neglect, teenage parenting? Saving them from a life with an uneducated, over stressed, and maybe even resentful mom? These people don't seem to really be concerned about what comes AFTER they've convinced the mother to keep the baby. They seem to put a lot of effort/time/money into making sure their mission is accomplished, and then they drop the ball afterwards. Assholes.