Again, i reread some of my past posts...and think"what was i thinking?!?!"
Seems to be a common theme in my life:)


Updates! Woo!

Ok. Last time I had written about lack of men, and lack of men, and what else? Oh the running thing. I've actually been going, so yay for me! The man issue has been resolved, so I won't be bitching about that any more. One of my bestest friends dropped out of the nursing program, and I'm happy for him. He can definitely do more, although you really won't hear him say this to anyone, because he's completely unegotistical that way, but he can do more. He's absolutely brilliant.

Some deer

Aren't they perfect?


Makin' up for lost time!

And now, kiddos, here is a picture of a BUTTERFLY! I hope I didnt blind the little guy.

My darling sister and I, December 2006

I havent written in forfuckingever. I go through phases...and really no one reads these. Lately, I've met new people online and apparently I have a link posted here from my yahoo profile, which I had totally forgotten about. And then ppl read past posts, and think im a complete bitch. Oh, wait...

So, nothing new going on. I'm not dating anyone, which seems weird to me, and it sucks. I've been out a couple of times, but it hasnt been what i want. I dont know how i ended up wanting a relationship(im getting old?) but its easy to find guys that just want casual dating, not-so-easy to find guys that want something permanent. I dont mean married permanent, but committed, you know?

I think im going to start running again..i used to run in high school/early college, but not any more. Once you quit, its nearly impossible to start again. Ive been -JOGGING- and i use that term loosely...this week and last, so its a start. its easy for me to get discouraged(i.e. OH, i havent gone in 5 days, whats the point), but im going to keep on it this time. I like how it makes me feel, and i can say ive been productive during the day:) Like, "Hey, I ran today, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!" There were a lot of ppl on the trail yesterday, which seemed odd, but it was nice out, and probably at least 60 degrees. Hmm, maybe I can meet some hot man out there! Im kidding, im sure me almost dying of a heart attack after running on the trail for a whopping THREE MINUTES AT A TIME is not sexy.


The Business of God

If a church isn't a business, why do they always make a time for the offering? Why do they play music, the ushers come out with the buckets, they pray that god will bless them many times over(that scripture about your cup runneth over), and mention the part about you tithing 10%? I have never been to a church that this hasn't been done. Also, in the biblical days of sacrificing your best 10% of your crops/animals to god, it was that you had a burnt offering or cut the throat of your lamb/calf, etc. So, no one was getting your goodies, they were being killed/burned up to show god that you were giving the best to him. When you put that big fat check in the offering plate, its going to the preacher, the church needs-program funds/salaries/rent/utilites/office costs-not directly to god. Which is all fine and dandy, because i know the church provides a service, and many programs and extracurriculars, to people who take part in them. However, they should just say that. If anyone feels compelled to give, they know they can approach the pastor or staff and hand them a check.
You can't help but feel a little swindled.


Merging 101

Open letter to all Missourians, or Kansans or Oklahomans who might be merging on I44:

Merging is when you have the intention of getting on the freeway, getting on the onramp, and then STEPPING ON THE FUCKING GAS and making a smooth transition into traffic while doing the speed of said traffic. Do not slow down because you're afraid of the big semi a half a mile away. I should not see brake lights. Do not start to merge, get freaked out, and then slow down on the shoulder. Do not, under any circumstances, STOP IN THE LANE. When you do that, I honk and flash my lights, and get up nice and close to your ass. I know this is counterproductive, as it seems to make you peer into your side mirror with a terrified look that says "I'm about to get rear-ended", which in turn causes you to delay us further. I would love to get out of the Jeep and beat your head into the steering wheel, believe me. You should be shot. What the fuck are you doing trying to get on the freeway if you're too scared? Take the back roads, you ignorant asshole. You could kill someone. Give up your keys-you no longer know how to drive competently. No, we are all not going to fast. You're going too slow. Give your car to your grandkids, for fucks sake.



I'm eating my birthday present

My dad, who has not given me a birthday present since I was like 14, FedEx'd me a pizza for my birthday. Since he lives in Illinois, and I live in Missouri, I only get my favorite pizza about 4 times a year when I go up to visit. This pizza is some sort of culinary masterpiece, and I swear I can literally taste it when I'm craving it. It's from Ed & Joe's in Tinley Park, IL, so if you're anywhere near there, go get some. I think the first time I had it I was about 2, and recently, my 2 year old had his first bite of Ed & Joe's. I shoulda made a scrapbook page for it!


Tomorrow, I will be Old

Thirty. I can't believe it. I mean, I'm happy I've made it to 30, the alternative would be worse. I am old. I am closer to 40 than 20. I am not hot. Oh wait, I haven't been hot for at least 6 years.

There are some lists I've seen before about things you're supposed to have done before you reach 30. They were things like skydiving, lesbian sex, paying off your credit cards(haha), and going to the Bahamas. Um, I haven't done any of those.

Whoever made up that list can go fuck themselves.