Updates! Woo!

Ok. Last time I had written about lack of men, and lack of men, and what else? Oh the running thing. I've actually been going, so yay for me! The man issue has been resolved, so I won't be bitching about that any more. One of my bestest friends dropped out of the nursing program, and I'm happy for him. He can definitely do more, although you really won't hear him say this to anyone, because he's completely unegotistical that way, but he can do more. He's absolutely brilliant.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Phantasystar77 said...

Yay, Shanonn sounds like she has a bf. If thats the case then im happy for ya. You seems like a great girl. If thats not the case, then you still sound happy here, so im glad for you. Thats great about the running too. I can't wait to get out to Branson and find some trails of my own to hit.


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