It's 11pm

Well, I'm tired..but just a little. I don't want to sit there and think about sleeping, so I thought I'd attempt to post a picture(which I did successfully!), and then write. Oooohh, I have a complaint. We live on a dead end road..there are 3 houses on our road, ours being the last. When you turn off the main road, there is a big sign--says DEAD END. Then, right after the second to last house, there's another sign-PRIVATE DRIVE. Now why the fuck do people insist on driving all the way until they can't possibly go any further? Where is the sense in making a 27 point turn in the tiny driveway to get your big ass SUV off of my property? Huh? I want to shoot these people with my little air gun. Because that's what hicks like me do here in Missouri! Well, being that I'm not a native hick, I just think about it. I'm not sure it's a really great idea. Probably better to park in the driveway so that they're forced to back up:) Heheheh, I hate people sometimes. And I do not drive down dead end roads for no reason. Maybe I could throw a rock at their trunk....just a small one.


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