Drugs, coffee, and Kevin Spacey

You should see the amount of expired drugs they throw away here. Why don't they give them to patients that need them before they go out of date? If it wasn't illegal, I could make buckets of money selling all kinds of meds that cost $200 a month. (No, no narcotics, you addicts)...There's about a bazillion dollars worth of Ditropan XL sitting in a trash bag right now, you know the commercial "cause I don't have to go right now", la da de da...

We have a new empoyee here at work. I don't know where they got this one from, but she's past retirement age, is "afraid" of the computer, and said that at her last job, she "made the coffee and took messages". I really want to know where, so I can go apply there. I can make some damn good coffee.

I am in love with Kevin Spacey. That man is delicious.


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